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In the first phase we analysed three large insurance claims databases that provided insight into the health conditions affecting transport workers ability to work. The outcome of this has been the development of a national profile of illness and injury among transport sector workers. This has provided new information on the burden of illness and injury in the transport sector, and is helping to identify populations of workers at high risk for poor health.

Stage 1 of the Driving Health project has been completed, read more about it on the link below 

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We have now started the second stage of the Driving Health project-The Driving Health Survey, which has 3 phases. We will survey truck drivers to capture information on physical and mental health, work and lifestyle. This stage will provide new insights into factors in the workplace, at home and the community that affect health in positive and negative ways. These factors, where they are suited to modification, can then become the target of intervention. Click on the link below to learn more about the 3 phases of stage 3.


In the third phase, we will combine insights from the first two phases with ‘on the ground’ transport sector knowledge. Our objective is to develop programs, services and policies interventions that, upon completion of the study, can be implemented by employers, regulators, drivers and others in the sector.

The outcome of the study will be a set of ‘ready to implement’ interventions that can be taken up by people working in the transport sector.

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